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Seijak provides a full range of payment consulting services, from end-to-end system design to custom software solution development. Please see the complete list of our services below, and contact us  to learn how we can help you attract and retain more merchant customers.

Payment System Architecture

We can design a payment system end to end, advise you on implementation, and ensure the project meets applicable standards. 

Specific services include:

  • System Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycles
  • Security Guidance
  • Compliance (PCI, ISO27001, Card Brand and NACHA)

Software Development

Seijak creates custom software to enhance payment systems with specialized capabilities such as:

  • Alternative Payment Integrations
  • Closed Loop Processing
  • POS and Gateway Feature Enhancements
  • ISO CRM Systems (Onboarding and Maintenance)
  • Fraud Management Solutions
  • Chargeback and Return Management Systems
  • Reporting and Data Analytics

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